Turkey’s Rahmi Ko awarded France’s Légion D’Honneur

Rahmi Koandc, honorary president of Koandc Holding, one of Turkeyand’s largest and most well-known companies, received Franceand’s highest honor, the Ordre National de la Landeacuteion Dand’Honneur.
and”I am enjoying one of the most exceptional days of my life,and” said Koandc as he received his Landeacuteion Dand’Honneur at Istanbuland’s French Consulate on Wednesday. The honorary chairman of Turkeyand’s largest conglomerate, Koandc Holding, said he would gladly display this order, an honor that his children and grandchildren are also proud of, at his Rahmi Koandc Museum. Franceand’s Ambassador to Turkey Laurent Bili introduced Koandc before awarding him the order: and”I thank everyone who has come to honor an unparalleled individual. An individual whose family name has not only become associated with Turkeyand’s historic and industrial development, but also with the countryand’s intellectual and cultural growth.and”
Franceand’s highest order, the Landeacuteion Dand’Honneur, was first established by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1802. Koandc has also been awarded similarly prestigious orders from Turkey, German, Italy, Austria and Britain as well as multiple awards for his philanthropy. Koandc Holding was featured prominently in the list of Turkeyand’s 100 highest income tax payers in 2013, which was released by the Revenues Administration (GiB). The top six income tax payers were all members of the Koandc family. Rahmi Koandc was the top taxpayer on the list.
Koandc is one of the most featured Turkish businessmen in global markets and is interested in many fields from the arts to sports. Back in 2011, New Yorkand’s prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art named two of its 15 renovated galleries in its Islamic Art section after Turkeyand’s Koandc family, Rahmi Koandc being one of them. Koandcand’s home apparels maker Beko is currently a sponsor for Spanish first division soccer club FC Barcelona.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman