Turkey’s Great Synagogue to be opened after restoration

EDIRNE: The Great Synagogue, located in Turkish northwestern province of Edirne, is ready to be opened for services on Thursday after undergoing a four year restoration.

The Edirne Synagogue was built in 1907 after a widespread fire in 1905 that burnt down 13 separate synagogues, as the second largest synagogue in the Europe. However, Jewish people began to leave Edirne following World War I and it was damaged in due course of time due to neglect.

A restoration was launched in the synagogue in 2010 by the General Directorate for Foundations.

Following an opening ceremony the synagogue will start to serve for Jewish people.

Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc and Turkey’s chief rabbi, Ishak Haleva, will attend the opening, along with many other Jewish community members from both Turkey and abroad.