Turkey wishes to find out the truth

By: Laman Sadigova

Standing before the Grand National Assembly, Cemil Cicek, the speaker of the Turkish parliament, stated Turkey’s willingness to establish a commission in order to find out the truth about 1915 events as to debunk Armenia’s claims that the Ottoman Empire carried out a genocide against Armenians, a fact it is important to note Ankara has always rejected as a historical fallacy.

Cicek made clear that Turkey would not tolerate for powers to exert political pressure on its institutions over fabricated guilt.

So far and despite many attempts on the part of Turkey, Armenia has refused to accept Ankara’s offer at peace and diplomacy. In April 2014, Recep Erdogan sent a message to the Armenian people, calling for better relations with Turkey’s neighbour.

In that message Erdogan declared that the events of 1915 had been a difficult time not only for the Armenians, but also for the Arabs, Kurds and representatives of other nations living in the country.

Armenia and the Armenian lobby have claimed that Turkey’s predecessor, the Ottoman Empire allegedly committed a ”genocide” against the Armenian people living in Anatolia in 1915. Turkey has always denied that “the genocide” ever took place.

Due to the strong Armenian lobby, the “genocide” was recognized in some countries. Festive events devoted to the Canakkale Victory will be held in Turkey on April 24. Heads of 50 countries will take part in these events.

SOURCE: Azer News