Turkey will stand by Azerbaijan until liberation of Azerbaijani lands, says PM

Baku: Turkey will stand by Azerbaijan until the liberation of all the Azerbaijani lands, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on the eve of his visit to Baku.

Turkey’s position on the occupation of Azerbaijani territories and the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict is clear and concrete, said Davutoglu.

With regard to Russia’s accusations against Turkey over oil trade with Islamic State, the PM said this is reminiscent of Soviet propaganda.

“Recent Russian media reports and Russian leadership’s statements remind me of the years of my youth. There was the Soviet propaganda machine which was regarded as lies of “Pravda”,” Davutoglu noted.

“We thought that Russia had forgotten Soviet behavior, but such acts reemerge one by one, he said. “As a result of the policy of expansion they are experiencing problems with its neighbors and to hide them they use the propaganda machine. No one would rely on these lies,” he added.

The Turkish-Syrian border is followed by the whole world, and any act in this zone is seen by all countries, Davutoglu noted. “Turkey would never act in this way, it is impossible both in ethic and real terms. Today, in fact, those supporting the Syrian regime are supporting IS. The Syrian regime is the main factor backing IS,” he said.