Turkey seems to be in big trouble

Turkey seems to be in big troubleThe world is currently undergoing significant developments. It is impossible for Turkey to turn a blind eye to these and remain isolated because, in today’s world, there is no country that is isolated from the rest.

A country, especially one like Turkey, cannot say, “I will act on my own,” as the Turkish government does. Frankly, I think Turkey is in big trouble right now.

This is because the current government of the country is drifting towards disaster I can see a storm approaching us. Turkey has been left alone in its region.

The government is acting out of motives of vengeance and dominating everyone by violating the law and trying to create a judiciary and police force solely obedient to itself. It has discredited Turkey’s international reputation by collaborating with some terrorist groups in the Middle East.

It is accusing a group of people of spying in the interests of the US and Israel. It has entirely cut off its relations with the US and the Jewish world.

It has also cut its diplomatic relationships with nearby countries such as Iraq, Syria and Egypt. Furthermore, the government has taken sides in the conflicts in the Middle East and made the country open to possible interventions from other countries.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman