Turkey received election results from Cihan news agency

The Cihan news agency, the largest privately owned news agency in Turkey, has emerged as the real winner of the June 7 general election after it managed to deliver the most accurate election results despite experiencing a number of cyber attacks, outpacing and outperforming rival news agencies.
Cihan, a sister agency of the Zaman Media Group, managed to announce around 75 percent of the results by 7:45 p.m. on election day, maintaining its reputation as the fastest and most reliable source for election results. Many national television stations including Fox Turkey, Bugandun TV, Kanal D and Samanyolu TV and many newspapers, political parties, radio stations and websites used Cihan to obtain results.
Cihan General Manager Abdandulhamit Bilici has stated that the agency managed an excellent performance in its coverage just as in the previous six elections, despite facing cyber attacks from unknown sources. Bilici noted that the agency has filed complaints about the cyber attacks, but added that none of the complaints has yet produced results.
and”Whoever is behind the attacks, they began to try to render our IT infrastructure dysfunctional as soon as the ballot boxes closed at 5 p.m. However, those who were behind these attacks failed to damage us due to the hard work of our professional team,and” Bilici stated.This was not the first election in which Cihan has experienced such cyber attacks.
and”We began to announce the results after the [Supreme Election Board] YSK officially allowed data to be broadcast. We then saw that other [agencies and dailies] were announcing very different and heavily distorted results. We saw the same kind of thing in the [Aug. 10, 2013] presidential election. But in the end, everybody saw that our data was the most accurate,and” Bilici added.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman