Turkey ranks 40th out of 61 countries on competitiveness

The International Institute for Management Development (IMD) ranked Turkey 40th out of 61 countries on its 2015 World Competitiveness Ranking, released on Wednesday.
The survey evaluated countries on a variety of criteria regarding their status as environments for conducting business.
and”The US remains at the top of the ranking as a result of its strong business efficiency and financial sector, its innovation drive and the effectiveness of its infrastructure. Hong Kong (2) and Singapore (3) move up overtaking Switzerland, which drops to fourth place. Canada (5), Norway (7), Denmark (8), Sweden (9) and Germany (10) remain in the top 10. Luxembourg moves to the top (6) from 11th place in 2014,and” the IMD said in a press release.
The rankings for East Asian countries as well as Eastern European countries were mixed, with the former all over the place and the latter occupying mainly the bottom 50 percent. The IMDand’s ranking for Turkey remained in the same place it occupied last year.
A key element of the 2015 survey was the inclusion of an efficiency-based rating.
and”Business efficiency focuses on the extent to which the national environment encourages enterprises to perform in an innovative, profitable and responsible manner. It is assessed through indicators related to productivity such as the labor market, finance, management practices and the attitudes and values that characterize the business environment,and” said the IMD in its press release.
Mexico and the Philippines ranked in the immediate higher and lower spot around Turkey, while Argentina, Ukraine and Venezuela occupied the three bottom spots on the list. European countries accounted for 10 of the top 20 spots.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman