Turkey hosts young diplomats from around the world

Young diplomats from 79 countries will be coming to Turkey from May 5 to 30 as part of “The Training Program for International Junior Diplomats” sponsored by the Foreign Ministry.

The opening ceremony of the program was held by the Foreign Ministry on Monday in Ankara.

The program is organized annually by the Foreign Ministry’s Diplomatic Academy and will be hosting diplomats from Latin America, Asia, Africa, the Balkans, the Middle East and Europe this year.

Deputy Foreign Minister Naci Koru and the ambassadors of various countries were among the participants of the ceremony, which was held at the Sheraton Hotel.

In his inauguration speech, Koru said, “I believe your experience in Turkey will be a unique and positive one for you all. The training program will provide insight to multinational dynamics by offering opportunities to discover the culture, history and art of Turkey. You will find out that Turkish diplomacy is deeply rooted in tradition.”

The curriculum covers foreign policy, politics, culture, economics and history, with a special focus on Turkey. The instructors include academics from top universities, experts from think tanks and high-level officials from the Turkish government. In addition, Turkish diplomats will give talks during the training sessions as well. Koru said the junior diplomats will learn from each other through discussions in such a multicultural setting.

“I believe young diplomats will establish a common ground for further international cooperation and intercultural dialogue as well as long-lasting friendship,” he said.

Describing the diplomacy career as a marathon, Koru advised young diplomats to keep in mind that it requires “careful planning and sustainability.”

The training sessions include talks on current international and regional issues; some of them will be held in Denizli, Izmir, Canakkale and Istanbul, where the young diplomats will be introduced to Turkey’s culture and tourist attractions.


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