Turkey deports some of 8 Moroccans questioned over militant links

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has filed a criminal complaint against Said Sefa, editor-in-chief of the Turkish news portal Haberdar, on charges of tweeting classified information on a Twitter account named Fuat Avni.
Fuat Avni is a government whistleblower who regularly reveals information from allegedly secret meetings of high-ranking government officials and has revealed many government-initiated police operations before they have taken place.
According a Haberdar report on Thursday, Erdogan submitted the criminal complaint to the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutorand’s Office a year ago. In the complaint, the president claims Sefa is among many people using the Twitter account named Fuat Avni. The letter also demands Sefaand’s house to be searched and his computer and mobile phone to be seized.
On Wednesday, Ali andOzkaya, Erdoganand’s former lawyer, made public the letter by posting to his Twitter account. Though andOzkaya stated in one of his tweets that the complaint letter was filed a year ago, news website Haberdar claims it was made public as part of a defamation campaign carried out against the news portal.
Fuat Avni claimed earlier in March that the president filed a complaint letter alleging Sefa was behind the account.
In February, the Sabah, Star and Gandunei dailies, known to have close ties with the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government, ran a story on their front pages headlined and”Here is Fuat Avniand” above a photo of the US-based Turkish journalist Emre Uslu, accusing him of tweeting under the pseudonym of Fuat Avni.