Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia team up for joint drills

By: Sara Rajabova

Joint military exercises of Turkey, Azerbaijan and Georgia are underway in Turkey, said Turkey’s General Staff’s website on May 31.

The joint drills, dubbed the Caucasian Eagle (Kafkas Kartalı), started on May 31 and will continue till June 10.

Earlier, on May 25, the Azerbaijani capital of Baku hosted tactical drills for both the Azerbaijani and Turkish armed forces.

Under a military agreement, signed by Azerbaijan and Turkey, starting from May 12, Azerbaijan’s Baku and Nakhchivan hosted joint tactical exercises which saw the participation of various types of armed forces for the two countries.

Azerbaijani and Turkish armed forces have teamed up for four-day joint military drills in Azerbaijan’s territory.

The exercises involved about 1,000 personnel, about 80 armored vehicles, over 60 artillery pieces and mortars, 12 military and transportation helicopters of the air forces, as well as anti-aircraft missile units and air defense units armed with modern defensive systems.

The infantry, tank, missile, artillery and anti-aircraft missile units, as well as crews of helicopters conducted live firing.

The key purpose of the training was to improve coordination between the Azerbaijani and Turkish armed forces through experience exchange. The military brass of both countries also aim to achieve better interaction of their armed forces by developing joint planning activities, as well as improve on their units’ combat skills.

Based on numerous agreements on joint military exercises as part of bilateral progressive efforts towards military cooperation, Azerbaijani and Turkish armed forces have hold regular drills, featuring various tactical and combat tasks so far.

SOURCE: Azer News