Turchynov heads the operational headquarters of the special operation in eastern Ukraine

Baku: Turchynov also signed a decree on Vasily Krutov’s appointment the head of the Anti-terrorist center at SBU.

“The headquarters are managed directly by Turchynov. Parubiy (Secretary of the National Security and Defense) and Nalivaychenko ( SBU chief ) is engaged in generation of operational decisions. Power implementation is allocated to Vasily Krutov – all police units of SBU and military units are under his command,” – told RIA News source on condition of anonymity, APA reports.

The source of the agency could not explain why this task is given to 64 -year-old Krutov.

Parliament-appointed Acting President Oleksandr Turchynov has signed a decree ordering a special operation in the east of Ukraine, the presidential press service said on Monday, April 14.

Viktor Yanukovych, who considers himself the legitimate President of Ukraine, urged security forces not to shoot people. Speaking of special operations in the east against the supporters of federalization, he warned that such decisions will have a responsibility in front of the law.

“Apparently, the existing senior officers of the SBU are not trusted and do not intend to shoot at their own people … I do not know what he ( Krutov ) has been promised . Later on everything will be on his shoulder «- said the agency.