TSK:2 soldiers, 6 PYDKK members killed during clash on Syrian border

IANLIURFA (CIHAN)- Two Turkish soldiers were killed, one was injured and at least six members of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) — the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Syrian branch — were killed during a clash that erupted on the Turkish-Syrian border on Monday evening, according to a Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) statement released on its official website on Tuesday.

The statement says that Turkish soldiers patrolling an outpost near the Turkish-Syrian border warned 10 or 15 people reportedly belonging to the PYDKK who were attempting to illegally cross the border to stop. The group members who did not obey the warning opened fire on the Turkish soldiers.

Cpl. YiIit IaIan and private soldiers Adem DvuIgen and Berat SaIIrkaya were seriously wounded in the resulting clash that erupted after the group opened fire at the Turkish soldiers. According to the TSK statement, DvuIgen who was rushed to CeylanpInar State Hospital, where he later died. SaIIrkaya also died early on Tuesday at Gaziantep University Hospital, where he was receiving treatment. Cpl. IaIan is currently undergoing treatment at IanlIurfa Harran University Hospital.

The TSK also said that a group of Turkish troops from the KaradaI and Aksoy border outposts were immediately deployed to respond to the armed group on the Turkish-Syrian border. The TSK stated: “At least six members of the PYDKK were killed during the clash.”
Izzettin Kuuk, the governor of IanlIurfa province, said the clash broke out late on Monday near the town of CeylanpInar, which borders Syria.

The incident took place some 10 miles away from central CeylanpInar, near AltInky neighborhood, when the militants fired at the Doruklu border post. Kuuk described the group as “armed elements,” without elaborating further if they were smugglers or not.

Kuuk said authorities are trying to determine why the group was passing near the border, which is close to Ras al-Ain, a Syrian district that has been an epicenter of heavy clashes between Kurdish militants and radical groups for more than a year.

‘Planned train attack prevented by Turkish soldiers’

The TSK also stated that a group of Turkish soldiers were deployed to SIcaksu in the eastern province of Bitlis on Monday after the Bitlis Provincial Gendarme Command received a tip regarding a bomb attack planned to be carried out on a train. The deployed troops found 20 kilograms of explosives installed on the rails. The explosives were destroyed by the soldiers.