Trustees close down Bugun’s Aegean regional office, fire 9

The trustees appointed to take over the management of the İpek Media Group in October following a controversial court decision have closed down the Bugun daily’s Aegean regional office in Izmir and fired the nine journalists working there.

After dismissing dozens of journalists from the Ankara and Istanbul offices of the Bugun and Millet dailies, the trustees recently also fired nine journalists from the Izmir office of Bugun.

Following a government-orchestrated decision to seize Koza İpek Holding and appoint trustees to take over the management of its companies on Oct. 27, police raided the İpek Media Group’s headquarters in Istanbul on Oct. 28 and took the Kanalturk and Bugun TV channels and the Kanalturk radio station off the air. The group also owns the Bugun and Millet dailies.

Despite the fact that the trustees had no authority to fire any employees, the editors-in-chief and general managers of the TV channels and the dailies along with dozens of other journalists were sacked following the takeover.