Truck queue reach to 15 kilometers at the border-gate with Iran

AGRI: The length of the truck queue at Gurbulak border-gate between Turkey and Iran reached to 15 kilometers as the two countries still couldn’t manage to solve the dispute on a new regulation by Iran that requires Turkish fuel tanks to be sealed in order to prevent drivers from buying gasoline in Iran.

Thousands of lorry drivers are waiting at Gurpınar border gate in eastern Turkish province of Agrı’s Dogubeyazıt district for their turn to cross Iran, since December 1st, are angry that the issue has not been resolved between two countries. Some said the food products they are carrying have gone bad and they have run out of fuel and are using gasoline and money under the bad weather conditions of the winter. Drivers are also complaining about bad treatment of Iranian customs employees against Turkish citizens and excessive amounts of bribery on the opposite site of the border.

The crises between Iran and Turkey occurred after Iran introduced the regulation requiring Turkish trucks to seal the fuel tanks aiming to prevent them to take the benefit of cheap fuel prices in Iran.