trawberry harvest kicks off in the middle of the winter in Silifke

MERSIN: Strawberry harvest has kicked off in southwestern Turkish province of Mersin’s Silifke district. Different from summer, Strawberry which harvested winter are known with their delicacy and aromatic richness and planted on September and harvested on November and December.

Abdullah Uredi, a farmer living in Gulumpasalı Neighborhood of Silifke says he produce also the seedling of strawberry, planting them in around three decares and harvesting them. Uredi sells them to Turkish market with the price of 5-6 Turkish liras.

“When the weather became cold I had to cover the strawberry flowers with linoleum and I use organic fertilizer, which gives a delicacy them. Strawberries need to care and labor very much indeed,” noted Uredi.

Cennet Ceylan, a strawberry consumed said they came here when they hear the new product winter strawberries. We are ripping them from the field and it gives us a big pleasant.

Around 80 tons of are produced around 20 thousands decares in Silifke and also it is exported mainly Russia and other countries.