Transport Ministry releases statement on cancelled bus routes

Baku: Several bus routes have been changed in Baku due to improvement works in passenger transportation, Ministry’s press secretary Namig Hasanov told APA-Economics.

According to him, the bus routes #20, 188, 53 have been cancelled: “In connection with the improvement works, the route #14 was substituted by #24, #90 by #83 and #86 by #29”.

Moreover, Hasanov says the movement scheme of the route #124 was extended up to “20th area”.

The routes #2 and 193 have been withdrawn from the centre, scheme of route #70 was changed. Route #95 was shortened up to Khatai subway station.

He added that new buses have been given to the route #120.

These works will still last within next days.

“Baku bus terminal, Ziya Bunyadov Avenue also may be changed. Additional information will be provided in the coming days”, Hasanov said.

SOURCE: Azeri Press News Agency