“Tour d’Azerbaijan” international cycling tournament starts in Baku

BAKU: International cycling tournament, Tour d’Azerbaijan, which was organized by Cycling Federation of Azerbaijan kicked off from the capital city of Baku’s Caspian Sea view Flag Square.

Interest to international sports community to Tour d’Azerbaijan increases year by year as the tournament becomes a tradition in Azerbaijan. According to organizers, this year 25 teams from 24 countries will compete during four days on raceways across Azerbaijan. May 6-10.

The five-stage race will continue from May 6, to Sunday, May 10, and can be seen on the Eurosport television network. Turkey is also being represented in the tournament with Torku Sekerspor team consisting of six riders.

-The first stage starts in Baku and finishes in 154 km in Sumqayit. This is a good chance for sprinters where they can decide the fate of the race on the last five laps.

-The second stage is repeated for the fourth year and consists of 187km distance from Baku to Ismayilly. Hilly route and strong wind.

-The third stage is 177.2 km long running from Qabala in Sheki then back to Qabala. Stones on a site near the medieval Caravanserai can become a serious test for the riders.

-The fourth stage is 205 kilometers from Qabala to Minghachevir.

-The fifth stage will be held in Baku: 8 laps in circuit (12.8km) + 3 laps on curcuit (13.8km) 144km. This stage is a test of the route developed for the 2015 European Games.

-Tour d’Azerbaidjan will be broadcasted by Eurosport channel. Half-hour race diaries and hour and a half broadcast of the final stage will go on the air.

-In 2015, the total distance to be covered by riders will be 870 kilometers. We offer you an opportunity to learn details of the route of Tour d’Azerbaidjan 2015.


06/05/2015 Stage 1. Baku – Sumqayit (with final 5 laps on circuit 10 km each). Stage distance: 154km

07/05/2015 Stage 2. The riders will cycle from Baku to Ismayilli covering the distance of 187km

08/05/2015 Stage 3. Qabala – Oguz – Sheki – Oguz – Qabala. In total, 177 km to run through.

09/05/2015 Stage 4. Qabala – Mingachevir. The stage distance is 205 km.

10/05/2015 Stage 5. Baku Circuit. Here the riders will have to cover 143.8 km.