Top judicial board removes 37 judges, prosecutors from profession over cheating claims

Turkeyand’s Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) has dismissed 37 judges and prosecutors following the launch of an investigation into alleged cheating on an exam administered in 2012 which determines entry into the respective professions.
According to the Handurriyet daily, the Ankara Prosecutor Office launched an investigation into the claims that some exam takers had obtained the examand’s questions in aance. As part of the investigation, more than 80 exam booklets were examined by experts assigned to do so by the prosecutorand’s office and it was decided that 57 people were highly likely to have cheated. The prosecutor overseeing the inquiry sent the case file to the HSYK.
The HSYK, which convened on Thursday, ruled to expel 37 judges and prosecutors out of the 57 suspects from the profession.
According to the prosecutorand’s report, the two candidates who received the highest and the second highest results are married to each other. Among those who were most successful in the exam there are 15 couples, the report said.