Top AK Party official turns Kurdish song into tribute to ErdoIan

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Yasin Aktay has joined the bandwagon of ruling party politicians and pro-government figures who have made use of religious motifs and attributed divinity to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, this time with a Kurdish song that used to be sung to praise the Prophet Muhammad.
According to a news story on, which also featured video of Aktay singing, at an event in the eastern province of Siirt Aktay sang the Kurdish song and stopped after each line to allow women in the audience, who are seen clapping their hands, to say the refrain: and”Serok Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Salli Ala Muhammed.and” Serok means leader in Kurdish, while the rest of the refrain is a common phrase used by Muslims to praise the Prophet Muhammad.
At the end of the song, Aktay tells the women, and”Let this be the song we use in wedding ceremonies from now on.and”
Aktayand’s move attracted a lot of criticism on social media as well as from Professor Hayri Kirbaioilu, a religious scholar who teaches in the Faculty of Theology at Ankara University.
In a interview with Samanyolu TV on Sunday, Kirbaioilu said that what Aktay did is evidence of the failure of political Islam in Turkey while noting that it is unacceptable for a person like Aktay, who is also an academic, to present religious attributes to a politician just for the sake of a political post.
Complaining about the deterioration of Islamic values in Turkey, the professor said Islamic values have been replaced by love for a high-level post, fame and money.
He called on all Muslims in the country to raise their voice against efforts to make Islam and”a toyand” in the hands of politicians.
It has become nearly a daily occurrence for AK Party politicians to attribute the traits of the Prophet to Erdogan. In February, a billboard in the AK Party-run GandOlbaii district of Adiyaman province invited people to attend an event celebrating a and”holy birthday,and” which was in fact President Erdoganand’s birthday. The billboard garnered harsh criticism on social media, as such an event is usually held to celebrate the birth of the Prophet Muhammad. Due to the reaction, the program had to be canceled.
A host of other ruling party officials have added to the controversy with their public praise of the president. AK Party Bursa deputy Handuseyin iahin at one point said that touching Erdogan was a form of prayer, while AK Party Danduzce deputy Fevai Arslan said Erdogan has all the attributes of God.
Deputy Health Minister Agah Kafkas once said: and”When we lay the foundation of a [facility], we also provide the date of its opening. This is the Sunnah of Tayyip Erdogan.and” Sunnah is considered a way of life or set of practices for Muslims based on the life of the Prophet Muhammad and his teachings. No government officials or supporters have publicly objected to the statements.
Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem are three sacred cities that are host to holy sites in Islam. Drawing a parallel to this, former EU Affairs Minister Egemen Baiii once said that Rize, Istanbul and Siirt are also sacred cities as they played a role in the life of the greatest leader of the Turkish Republic, referring to Erdogan.
Interior Minister Efkan Ala said last summer that the Prophet Muhammad was andquotarrogantandquot when he conquered Mecca and that his ruling AK Party wonand’t make the same mistake over its tandem victories. Turkeyand’s top cleric even justified Alaand’s remarks, saying that he didnand’t consider it to be andquotoffensive.andquot
AK Party Aydin provincial head ismail Hakki Eser once said: and”We are in love with our prime minister [then-Prime Minister Erdogan]. Our prime minister is like a second prophet for us.and” Muslims believe Prophet Muhammad is the final prophet, a belief that forms one of the core principles of Islam, and therefore describing anyone born afterward as a prophet is antithetical to Islam. Eser later resigned from his post.
Most recently, Ethem Sancak, the owner of pro-government Star Media Group, expressed his feelings for President Erdogan using an expression that resembles praise for the Prophet Muhammad made by one of his companions in another example of the compliments given by AK Party supporters to Erdogan that have been widely denounced as offensive.
Giving a speech on May 10 during a discussion panel on the proposed Turkish presidential system held in Erdoganand’s home province of Rize, Sancak employed the controversial expression.
Sancak was recorded as saying: and”An Arabic proverb says, andlsquoMay my father and mother be sacrificed to you.and’ I too say the same to Erdogan, andlsquoMay my father, mother, wife and children be sacrificed to youand’.and” Sancakand’s previous expressions of devotion to Erdogan also received considerable attention. When discussions about the production of a Turkish-made car were on the public agenda, he was recorded as saying: and”I am in love with Erdogan. I will be a national hero [by producing Turkish-made cars].and”

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman