TODAYSZAMAN – Turkish director shooting anti-racist movie in Vienna

Turkish director shooting anti-racist movie in ViennaTurkish director Sabahattin Toprak has rolled up his sleeves to film a movie in Vienna on the increasingly racist attitudes faced by immigrants in Europe, the Cihan news agency reported on Monday.Toprak, known for his indie film “Derwesh Avdi,” a big screen adaptation of a famed Kurdish legend, will bring to the silver screen the story of a Europe-based Turkish immigrant doctor who is subjected to a racist attack by a patient.

In a recent press conference in Vienna, the director said the time had come to introduce Turkish cinema, via Europe, to the world, as Turkish cinema is gaining increasing importance.“We have begun a film with a touching screenplay and based on a real event which took place in front of witnesses.

At the center of our story is a Turkish female doctor But the story line is constructed on a universal message and with a wide setting, involving Germany and [other places],” Toprak said.Toprak explained that his decision to film the movie in Vienna is based on the fact that in 2013, the city was named the best city in the world to live in for the fifth consecutive time, according to a survey conducted by the international consulting firm MercerHe added, “Right now, I can give good news about the Turkey-Austria production, which will be particularly memorable for its visual richness.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman