TODAYSZAMAN.COM – Taxes on cigarettes and alcohol see increase in new year

Taxes on cigarettes and alcohol see increase in new yearThe governmentand#39s first increase in taxes of the new year has been introduced for fixed taxes on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, the Turkish media reported on Thursday.According to a Cabinet decision published in the Official Gazette on Thursday, the fixed tax on beer has been increased to TL 085 per liter from TL 074, a 15 percent rise.

As for wine, the fixed tax was raised to TL 459 from TL 397, a 16 percent increase. The tax on RakI rose by 21 percent to TL 107.

72 per liter from TL 89.11.

For cigarettes, the fixed tax has reached TL 01866 per pack, increasing from TL 013.Experts predict the price of alcoholic beverages will see an increase of between 10 and 25 percent, while the price of cigarettes are expected to rise between 3 and 15 percent.

Producers are expected to make decisions about new product prices soon.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman