TODAY’S – THY does not allow opposition party leader on board

THY does not allow opposition party leader on boardTurkish Airlines (THY) allegedly did not let Felicity Party (SP)hairman Mustafa Kamalak and his wife Zubeyde Kamalak board a plane even though they had both checked in before the flight time, the Rotahaber web portal reported on Tuesday.The event became apparent at 11:20 am on Monday, when the Kamalaks were expected to arrive at EsenboIa International Airport in Ankara from Ercan International Airport in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC).

The couple did not show up at EsenboIa, and it was revealed that THY had seized their tickets — along with those of SP representative Oya Akgnen, her husband Muhammet MuIisuddin and the Kamalak family’s bodyguard — at Ercan and gave them to deputies of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party), the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the opposition National Movement Party (MHP).Kamalak and his wife visited the KKTC to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the “Cyprus Peace Operation” in Nicosia Upon attempting to return to Ankara, it was revealed that their seats had been given to four deputies: AK Party Malatya deputy mer Faruk z, AK Party AdIyaman deputy Mehmet ErdoIan, MHP Adana deputy Ali Halaman, CHP Amasya deputy Ramis Topal and an official from Parliament, Haydar nder Arslan.

Zubeyde Kamalak told Rotahaber that THY violated their rights and that they have filed a complaint against Turkey’s national carrier She later told Rotahaber that their boarding passes had been forcibly taken from them, which is why they sent a written request to the Ercan International Airport Police Department to hold camera recordings taken at the scene of the incident in a secure location for future reference.She has also claimed that THY officials deliberately made them wait until the plane took off, but that after the plane left the airport, officials told them they had “missed” the plane.

Mrs. Kamalak has maintained that the THY officials did not let them know that their seats had been given to other government officials.

“The officials told us that they would let us know about the boarding time. Even though the flight time was approaching, we were not called to board the plane, and our bodyguard approached them several times to ask about the boarding and flight time.

Each time, we were told that they would let us know in due course,” Mrs. Kamalak said, adding that the THY officials had distracted them and took other people on board instead of themAfter some time of the SP leader and his company not being allowed to board, the bodyguard approached the officials again and was told, “The plane took off and you have missed the flight.

” Mrs. Kamalak said there was no one else at the gate that had checked in, received boarding cards and had their luggage on board besides them Their luggage was sent to Ankara on the same plane.

 THY official Erdal Kaplan has said the plane had a maximum capacity of 123 and that “the plane took off at full capacity.” After that, Akgnen said she is planning to make a complaint as other people that she said might be “terrorists” were allegedly allowed on board.

Later, the THY officials changed their statements that said the group’s seats had been replaced with other passengers, and CoIkun KIlIkaya, the airport’s general director, said, “The plane took off without all its passengers we did not send those people [from other parties] and the plane took off with 118 passengers.”“The THY officials’ statements did not match,” Mrs.

Kamalak said, adding that they were made to wait at the airport until 4:30 pm and flew to Ankara with Pegasus Airlines.The incident with the Kamalak family and SP representatives comes after THY recently revoked former AK Party deputy Muhammed etin’s boarding passes several times.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman