TODAY’S – Thousands of Turkish doctors strike for better conditions

Thousands of Turkish doctors strike for better conditionsRepresentatives from various medical personnel unions in Turkey walked off the job on Friday, calling for better working standards.Thousands of medical workers from all departments, excluding intensive and emergency care, went on strike.

The demands include better working conditions, improved wages that properly reflect their labor, payment of overtime wages, medical education policies that prioritize quality over quantity and the ability for all citizens to receive equal, free and quality healthcare.Members of the Turkish Healthcare Workersand#39 Union demonstrated in front of the Ministry of Health building in Ankara, standing in front of makeshift coffins while doctors in Istanbul assembled in front of the Haseki Training and Research Hospital and marched to Beyazit Square.

Speaking on behalf of medical workers who gathered in the courtyard of Istanbuland#39s CerrahpaIa Medical Faculty Hospital earlier this week, Turkish Doctors Union (TBB) Vice President RaIit Tukel said: andldquoThe results of the health transformation program implemented 12 years ago are obvious. A profit-seeking medical system is a system where the right to a healthy life is restricted and blocked.

We all suffer under a health-care system where contribution shares paid by patients are continuously increasing.andrdquoWe work for long hours, which will never be returned to us.

We work under a system that stresses constant performance,andrdquo Tukel continued.The evaluation system introduced by a parliamentary bill in 2004, regulating the salaries of health personnel based on their performance, has long been criticized by sector representatives, though the Ministry of Health has made amendments to the bill on multiple occasions.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman