TODAY’S – Ten films to run for big prize at 25th Ankara Film Festival

Ten films to run for big prize at 25th Ankara Film FestivalTen feature films from Turkey will be vying for the big prize at the national feature competition of the Ankara Film Festival, which will be marking its 25th edition from June 5 to 15 in the Turkish capital.Out of the 10, four are debut films and three are sophomore efforts, according to a press release the organizers of the festival, the Ankara-based World Mass Media Research Foundation, issued on Thursday. Among the competition highlights are director Ramin Matin’s second film “Kusursuzlar” (The Impeccables) and Ferit Karahan’s debut film “Cennetten Kovulmak” (The Fall from Eden), which follows the intertwined stories of a Kurdish and a Turkish girl. The two films shared the top prize at the 50th edition of the AltIn Portakal (Golden Orange) International Film Festival in Antalya.“Mavi Dalga” (The Blue Wave), a coming of age story by co-directors Zeynep Dadak and Merve Kayan, Kerem Deren’s romantic-drama “Bi Kuçuk Eylul Meselesi” (A Little September Affair) and Faysal Soysal’s “uç Yol” (Crossroads), which was filmed in different locations across Turkey and Bosnia and Herzegovina, are the other debut films in the competition.HakkI KurtuluI and Melik SaraçoIlu’s “Gözumun Nuru” (Eye Am), which took the best film prize at Adana’s AltIn Koza (Golden Boll) International Film Festival in 2013, and Cemil AIacIkoIlu’s “Özur Dilerim” (Forgive Me) are the remaining sophomore films of the contest.The three other films are Reha Erdem’s latest offering “IarkI Söyleyen KadInlar” (Singing Women), KazIm Öz’s “Bir VarmII Bir YokmuI” (Once Upon a Time) and AtIl Inanç’s “Daire” (Circle).The 10 films of the festival’s national feature competition were selected out of 30 entries. The movies will be competing in 13 categories, including best film, best actor and best actress. Apart from these awards, one film will be honored by the Turkish Movie Critics Association (SIYAD) with the best film prize.The festival has also announced its national short film competition lineup, where 37 fictional, nine experimental and 11 animated films will be in the running. There was a total of 137 submissions for the short film contest. Eleven other films will be vying for the big prize in the documentary competition of the festival, according to the website of the cinematic event. For further information and updates, check out

SOURCE: Todays Zaman