TODAY’S – SabancI Museum reopens Turkish painting exhibition

SabancI Museum reopens Turkish painting exhibition The SakIp SabancI Museum (SSM) in Istanbul’s Emirgan neighborhood is offering a selection from its comprehensive permanent collection of Turkish paintings, in a new exhibition that went on public view this week.Titled “Tanzimattan Cumhuriyete Turk Resmi” (Turkish Painting from Reformation to Republic), the selection opened on Thursday at the SSM, housed in a historic mansion owned by the SabancI family located on a hilltop overlooking the Bosporus.

The new exhibition is the continuation of the museum’s previous permanent show, “As a Country Evolves: The Turkish Art of Painting from Reformation to Republic,” which opened in December of 2011.Paintings by Osman Hamdi Bey, Fikret Muallâ, Halil PaIa, Iehzade Abdulmecid Efendi and Izzet Ziya are among the highlights of the show, selected from the SabancI family’s longstanding and comprehensive SakIp SabancI Painting Collection, which, in addition to examples of early Turkish painting, also includes works by foreign artists who painted in Istanbul during the later years of the Ottoman Empire, such as Fausto Zonaro and Ivan Aivazovsky.

“Ayasofya,” a depiction of the historic Byzantine church by Ievket DaI a portrait titled “Naile HanIm” by Hamdi Bey “Madam X,” a painting by Halil PaIa, which was first exhibited in 1889 in the Paris Expo, where it won a bronze medal and Nazmi Ziya Guran’s “Taksim MeydanI” (Taksim Square), notable for its depiction of the improvements the republic brought to Turkish people’s lifestyles, particularly women, are among the outstanding paintings in the exhibition.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman