TODAY’S – Runway closure at airport could cause cancelation of 200 flights daily

Runway closure at airport could cause cancelation of 200 flights dailyA runway at Istanbul Ataturk Airport will be shut down on May 13 due to construction of new taxiways, a development that could cause 200 flights a day to be canceled, experts say.The 0523 runway will be closed down for 15 days starting May 13 the new taxiways to be constructed will link plane parking lots with the landing strip. Industry experts told the DoIan news agency (DHA) that they believe this will reduce flight traffic at the airport by nearly 20 percent.With the closure of the short airstrip, only landing strips 17 and 35, which are 3,000-meters-long, will be in use. These two strips, which are parallel and close to each other, cannot facilitate take-offs and landings at the same time. As the 0523 runway will be shut down, there could be huge difficulties, DHA quoted the experts as saying. There will be short-term waits in between take-off and landing times. As a result, the time between take-offs and landings will rise from three-and-a-half minutes to five, which could lead to the cancelation of 200 flights a day, the experts concluded.They also say that if construction is done in the late hours of the night, flight traffic will be less affected, although it could affect the job completion time if only late-night construction is carried out, the project could take a month to complete rather than the expected 15 days. State Airports Management General Directorate (DHMI) head Orhan Birdal, however, said that no troubles will occur if construction takes place at night.So far, there have been various problems linked to a lack of plane parking at the airport, but the future closure of the airstrip has led to complaints from some airlines, including Turkey’s flagship carrier Turkish Airlines (THY).

SOURCE: Todays Zaman