TODAY’S – Report: Israel Turkey’s second-largest buyer of diesel fuel

Report: Israel Turkey’s second-largest buyer of diesel fuelDespite frayed diplomatic relations between Turkey and Israel, the latter was the second-largest buyer of Turkish diesel fuel in 2014 according to a newly released report by the Energy Market Regulatory Agency (EPDK).Turkey sold 71 percent more diesel fuel to Israel last year — when the country was heavily bombing the Gaza Strip — than it did in 2013.

It sold Israel 12 million tons of diesel fuel in 2013, whereas that number surged to 22 million in 2014. Turkey exported 11.

75 million tons of diesel last year, and India barely edged out Israel as the main importer of Turkish diesel fuel. Rounding out the top five were Russia, Greece and Italy.

Meanwhile, Israel was the fifth-largest buyer of Turkish fuel products overall when crude oil, gasoline and other products are included. It purchased more than 27,000 tons of jet fuel and tanker fuel from Turkey in 2014.

Tensions between Turkey and Israel have escalated over the past several years due to several incidents, particularly in 2010 when the Israeli military killed eight Turks and one Turkish American on board the Mavi Marmara, which was part of a flotilla that departed from Turkey with aid and supplies bound for Gaza President Recep Tayyip ErdoIan ramped up his harsh criticism of Israel in 2014 amid the Gaza strikes.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman