TODAY’S – Record-breaking 206 workers die in first two months of 2015

Record-breaking 206 workers die in first two months of 2015At least 206 workers died during the months of January and February, constituting a new record, according to recent figures from the Istanbul Council for Workersand#39 Health and Work Safety (ISIG).A total of 125 workers died in the month of January, while another 81 lost their lives in February.

Deaths were most common in the construction, transportation, agricultural and energy sectors. A total of 185 workers died during the first two months of last year, when several highly publicized tragedies became the subject of public controversy.

Work-related accidents claimed the lives of 1,886 workers last yearISIG noted that March has not gotten off to a good start regarding the rate of deadly work-related disasters, as seven workers died in six separate accidents on one day earlier this month.Thousands of workers have lost their lives throughout the tenure of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party).

The ruling partyand#39s heavy support for the construction sector and swift privatization of mines and other formerly state-regulated facilities has resulted in a surge in productivity for which proper safety and health standards have been eschewed, critics of the government argue.Turkey has had the most work-related deaths in Europe for the last 12 years, with 12,686 fatalities.

Today, the country has a daily average of 170 work-related accidents, including an average of four deaths and five workers losing the ability to work, according to official data This average is the highest among European countries and the third highest in the world.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman