TODAY’S – President’s Office to get truck for first time PM’s vehicles multiplied by 12

President’s Office to get truck for first time PM’s vehicles multiplied by 12The Prime Ministry and the Presidentand#39s Office will spend even more on the purchase of new official vehicles next year, contradicting earlier government statements on adopting savings measures, indicates the budget plan published by the Official Gazette.A total of 25 vehicles will be bought in 2015 for the Presidentand#39s Office, four more vehicles — including a truck, for the first time — than were bought last year, and the number of vehicles to be purchased for the Prime Ministerand#39s Office will be multiplied by 12, according to a 2015 budget plan published by the Official Gazette last week.

The plan to purchase vehicles comes two weeks after Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIlu announced a series of savings measures as part of an eight-step reform package to maintain sustainable growth. Among the measures announced by DavutoIlu on Dec.

18 was dropping a traditional practice of giving gifts such as lavish plates at official events in an effort to help boost the economy and national savings.andldquoWe are suffering serious waste in government spending due to gift giving, and local authorities should drop it from this day forward,andrdquo DavutoIlu had said, adding that the government wants to rebalance the economy away from consumption-led growth.

The part of the budget plan for 2015 that offers details regarding vehicles to be bought for state offices also indicates that the Constitutional Court and Parliament will not receive any new vehicles in 2015. A report in the Cumhuriyet daily on Monday revealed that the number of vehicles used by public institutions will reach 8,515 in total next year According to the same report, 7,559 of these vehicles will be designated to the Presidentand#39s Office, the Prime Ministerand#39s Office, ministries, the National Police Department, the Coast Guard Command (SGK) and a number of general directorates with public budgets.

The remaining 956 vehicles are for universities, boards and some general directorates with private budgets, the report says.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman