TODAY’S – Only 1 percent of prep schools converted to private schools

Only 1 percent of prep schools converted to private schoolsIn a deep contradiction with officially announced figures, an exam preparation schools union announced that only 126 percent of all such schools have been converted to private schools and that some of the converted schools have closed due to a lack of registered students. Making a joint press conference in the western province of Izmir on Tuesday, Izmir branch head of the Private Courses Union (Z-DE-BIR) zgur Ertem and head of Izmir Pre-School Institutions Union (IZDER) Sezai zel lamented the law that makes it obligatory for exam preparatory classes to close or convert to private schools ahead of a final decision from the Constitutional Court on the issue.

The pair stated that figures governmental officials have quoted regarding the number of prep schools that converted do not reflect the actual situation. Ertem said only 45 prep schools out of 4,000 have applied for conversion however the government announced that 25 percent of prep schools had applied.

Ertem maintained that 126 percent of the prep schools have fully converted into private schools so far He added that they are facing financial difficulties since the demand of students for this kind of school is very low.Underlining that closures will add a great burden to the shoulders of prep schools owners as well as employees and teachers working in the schools.

Ertem went on to say that 100,000 jobs were being jeopardized by the legislation.zel also gave a speech during the conference and underlined that if the Constitutional Court failed to reach a favorable result, unions will be appealing to the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR).

The government, in a surprise move, decided in November of last year to close down schools that specialize in exam preparation. Although there was a strong public reaction against the push to close these schools, the government insists on shutting them down.

In April, the main opposition Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) filed an appeal with the Constitutional Court to annul a controversial law but the court is yet to issued a verdict.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman