TODAY’S – OECD: Turkey has highest rate of unemployed and out of school youth

OECD: Turkey has highest rate of unemployed and out of school youthThe proportion of young people in Turkey who are neither employed nor engaged in education or training is the highest among all the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)ountries, a recent study has shown.According to the preliminary findings of an ongoing study, titled andldquoNEET Youth in the Aftermath of the Crisis: Challenges and Policiesandrdquo and carried out by the OECD, 59 million out of 17 million young people in Turkey aged between 16 and 29 were classified as andldquoNot in employment, education, or trainingandrdquo (NEET) in 2012, topping the list at 35 percent and ranking higher than all other OECD members.

Although this ratio decreased to 31.3 percent according to the updated 2013 OECD data, Turkey remains at the top of the NEET list.

Examining the side effects of the economic woes prevailing since the onset of a global economic crisis in 2007 on youth around the globe, the study underlines that NEETs have increased by 25 million to 38.4 million in the OECD, pushing the ratio up to an average of 16 percent in 2012.

Nevertheless, Turkeyand#39s ratio went well beyond the average and reached 35 percent in the same year Even Greece, which has yet to overcome its economic challenges since the global economic crisis, fell behind Turkey, with NEETs constituting around 30 percent of Greek youth.The report also presents figures regarding the inactivity ratio — those who are not actively looking for a job — among unemployed youth for each member country.

According to the report, Turkey again reached the top of the list for inactive NEETs who are no longer seeking out employment. The total number of inactive NEETs was 47 million in 2012, accounting for 28 percent of the youth in Turkey.

Inactive NEETs constituted 80 percent of all NEETs in Turkey during the same period, suggesting that four out of five NEETs were no longer looking for work. The report indicates that Turkey has managed to reduce the share of inactive NEETs by 6 percentage points since 2007.

Regarding the gender distribution of NEETs, the report finds it reasonable that NEET rates are systematically higher for young women than for young men. However, Turkey has the highest gap between NEETs ratios for women and men.

According to the report, around 50 percent of young women are considered NEETs in Turkey, while only around 19 percent of young men were classified in this bracket in 2011.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman