TODAY’S – Number of registered vehicles up 10 percent in January

Number of registered vehicles up 10 percent in JanuaryThe total number of newly registered motor vehicles jumped in January, seeing a 10.5 percent increase over the last year, official data have revealed.

The number of registered motor vehicles reached 18.96 million as of the first month of the year, of which cars represented 52 percent, small trucks made up 16.

3 percent and motorcycles constituted 14.9 percent.

Tractors accounted for 86 percent, trucks made up 41 percent, minibuses 23 percent, buses 11 percent and special purpose vehicles 02 percent as of January.The Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) released its Road Motor Vehicles figures for January on Thursday.

A total of 137,334 new vehicles were registered in January, of which automobiles constituted 64.5 percent followed by small trucks at 20.

8 percent. While motorcycles came in third at 51 percent, trucks came in fourth with 39 percent.

Minibuses, buses, tractors and special purpose vehicles shared the remainderDespite new registrations, 10,467 vehicles were taken off the road in January, bringing the yearly increase down to 126,867.In the meantime, the owners of 462,567 vehicles were changed via handover in January.

Automobiles, as usual, took the lionand#39s share of all handovers, representing 69.9 percent.

The most preferred automobile brand was Renault, representing 17.8 percent of new registrations in January.

The French manufacturer was followed by Volkswagen, with 11.9 percent, and Hyundai, with 84 percent.

Fiat came next, with 72 percent. Dacia took 67 percent, Opel 65 percent, Ford and Toyota 63 percent, Nissan 37 percent and BMW 35 percent.

Other brands made up 21.8 percent of new vehicle registrations.

The favorite color of car owners, meanwhile, was white, as 61.3 percent of new registrations were white in January.

Gray cars made up 16.9 percent and black ones 98 percent.

While red cars constituted 46 percent of all registrations, 73 percent were other colors.At the end of January, among the total number of cars registered in Turkey, 41.

2 percent were registered as using liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Just below 30 percent were registered as diesel-fuelled cars while 28.

8 percent of registered automobiles used gasoline fuel. The proportion of the cars with an unknown fuel type was 04 percent in January.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman