TODAY’S – Natural parkland under threat of development

Natural parkland under threat of developmentNatural parks in Istanbul are increasingly under threat of development, according to a report in the Bugun daily on Sunday.The daily published details of a report criticizing the recreational development plans of Park Orman, a large natural park in the Istanbul district of Maslak.

A 2011 authorization from the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs enables areas bearing the natural park designation to be zoned for development. The manager for the 1st Region, Haluk zder, and branch manager Umut Cebeci were removed from their positions at the ministry after the report in question was issued in January of this year The report asserted that the proposed zoning plans in Park Orman would pose a threat to the environmental wellbeing of the natural park.

The zoning plans were drawn up the previous year and included camping facilities, a multi-purpose area and a covered parking lot.“The natural topography, vegetation and wildlife of the area would be exposed to great harm A large number of trees would be cut, and the necessary excavation for the project would create problems.

The trucks and vehicles necessary for the project would negatively impact the land,” said the report, which stressed that the land should be left alone as a natural park and not be subjected to development.According to the report, there are currently 20 resticnic areas throughout Istanbul that have been given the “natural park” designation, creating the legal basis for potential zoning and redevelopment.

The Hacet Deresi Park in the Asian side district of Tuzla is also being zoned for development, as it was declared a “natural park” in 2012 and subsequently zoned for development by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman