TODAY’S – Mubin Orhon remembered in Ankara on 90th anniversary of birth

Mubin Orhon remembered in Ankara on 90th anniversary of birthMubin Orhon, a pioneer of Abstract Expressionism in Turkey, is being remembered on the 90th anniversary of his birth with an ongoing exhibition in Ankara dedicated to the late artistand#39s work.andldquoDeep: Diptychs from the Bandeacutenandeacutedicte Orhon Collectionandrdquo opened on Dec.

5 at the capitaland#39s well-known Galeri Nev, where it is on display until Jan. 3 as the last show of 2014.

Orhon, who died in 1981 at age 57, is considered one of the founding fathers of modern art, not only in Turkey but also internationally. The Istanbul-born Orhon spent most of his life in Paris, where he opened his first solo exhibition at the Iris Clert Gallery, an influential gallery in the French capitaland#39s art scene from 1955 to 1971.

Put together by Bandeacutenandeacutedicte Orhon, the artistand#39s daughter and heir, the works at the Galeri Nev exhibition are grouped under three periods that mark critical turning points in the artistand#39s career, according to a press release issued earlier this month by the gallery. Some 40 of Orhonand#39s works are paired in diptychs in the exhibition to emphasize the strong bond between the works painted in the same years, the gallery said.

In Orhonand#39s career, the 1960s was marked by a hunger for color, according to an introduction written by the artistand#39s daughter for the exhibition catalogue. He focused on andldquocolors more inclined towards the Eastern spectrumandrdquo during the 1970s and the 1980s was a andldquocatharsis, a purification from color as a whole, and indulgence and annihilation in pitch black,andrdquo she explains.

andldquoAlthough Mubinand#39s death arrived before his 60th birthday, he was ready to leave and nothing more could have been added to further mastering his painting,andrdquo she adds.Mubin Orhon is represented in Turkey by Galeri Nev and his entire archive, donated by Bandeacutenandeacutedicte Orhon, is kept at Ankaraand#39s Galeri Nev.

An exhibition focusing on Orhonand#39s abstract monochromatic gouaches produced after the second half of the 1970s was displayed in October 2012 at Galeri Nev Istanbul. Two untitled gouaches on paper by Mubin Orhon, painted in 1980, from the exhibition andldquoDeepandrdquo at Galeri Nev Ankara.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman