TODAY’S – Ministry of Culture and Tourism loses theater fund lawsuit

Ministry of Culture and Tourism loses theater fund lawsuit A Turkish court has ruled that the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s refusal to offer funds to Genco Erkal’s Dostlar Theater is against the principles of justice and equality, saying the company has been contributing to the culture of Turkey with its projects, according to recent news reports.Ankara’s 15th Administrative Court last week reversed the decision of the ministry not to provide funds for the company’s play “Bir Delinin HatIra Defteri,” a Turkish production of Gogol’s “Diary of a Madman,” allegedly because the company’s actors were supportive of last year’s anti-government Gezi Park protests.

In addition to Erkal, the owners of more than 10 private theater companies, including Ferhan Iensoy, Emre KInay and Nedim Saban, each filed a lawsuit against the ministry as their companies were not provided with funds, either The ministry claimed it had changed its criteria for allocating funds, saying would only support local and amateur plays.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman