TODAY’S – Minister IimIek: Mobile communication taxes are high

Minister IimIek: Mobile communication taxes are highFinance Minister Mehmet IimIek said on Sunday that taxes imposed on mobile communication services are very high in Turkey.“Free phone calls are available via the Internet. While traveling abroad, I personally use these services if I can find a free Wi-Fi connection to call home. Otherwise I don’t call,” said IimIek.Touching on a variety of topics while speaking at the Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) High Coordination Council meeting hosted by TOBB President Rifat HisarcIklIoIlu, IimIek also stressed that he opposes tax amnesties.“We [the government] have increased the number of installments for the repayment of delinquent taxes from 24 months to 36 months. However, there is actually no need for tax amnesties or restructurings. I do not regard the restructuring of taxes as fair,” the minister said.The finance minister emphasized that the rate of indirect taxes in Turkey stands at 45 percent while the average tax ratio among Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)ountries stands at 38 percent.“In Turkey high taxes are imposed on four or five products, some of which are beer, tobacco and motor vehicles,” the finance minister added. Taxes on these products have risen significantly in recent years.“There are news reports saying ‘government supporters received tax breaks or had their taxes waived’,” said IimIek. “But we are auditing everyone and there are very serious problems in some audit reports,” IimIek continued.“We are going through a new industrial revolution. There will be a revolution in the field of energy,” IimIek also said. “Energy is Turkey’s biggest bottleneck. We will pursue solar energy to a greater extent,” he added.Referring to the structural reform process in Turkey, TOBB President HisarcIklIoIlu said the process must speed up. “Rather than just a reform packet, we need to be talking about a reform marathon,” said HisarcIklIoIlu, who emphasized that the process is vital to increasing wealth across Turkey.

SOURCE: Todays Zaman