TODAY’S – Mehmet Guleryuz retrospective to open at Istanbul Modern

Mehmet Guleryuz retrospective to open at Istanbul ModernAn upcoming exhibition at the Istanbul Modern will turn the spotlight on Mehmet Guleryuz, one of Turkeyandrsquos best known living contemporary masters whose career spans over five decades.andldquoPainter and Painting: Mehmet Guleryuz Retrospectiveandrdquo will open on Jan.

8 at the museumandrsquos temporary exhibition hall and present a chronologically assembled inventory of work by the 76-year-old Guleryuz, known for his critical style and his focus on people and the sociopolitical conditions surrounding them in his figurative work.The selection will cover paintings, sculptures, gravures and drawings on paper as well as theater and performance art by the prolific Guleryuz — also an active stage actor — from the 1960s to the present day.

The show, put together by Istanbul Modernandrsquos chief curator Levent alIkoIlu, is enriched by texts written by Guleryuz himself and aims to shed light on the development and transformation of the artistandrsquos decades-long quest for different ways of expression.Set to continue until June 28, the exhibition features close to 150 works that display the profound bond between the painter and painting and approximately 200 drawings animated in multimedia presentations, according to the museumandrsquos website.

For further information, see www.istanbulmodern.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman