TODAY’S – MASAK chief reassigned in Finance Ministry purge

MASAK chief reassigned in Finance Ministry purgeThe head of the Finance Ministry’s Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK), Mursel Ali Kaplan, was removed from his post on Wednesday as part of a purge in the Finance Ministry in which the heads of two other ministry departments were also reassigned.Revenue Administration General Director Mehmet KIlcI, MASAK President Kaplan and the Budget and Fiscal Control General Director Ilhan HatipoIlu were reassigned on Wednesday. Kaplan came to public attention in a investigation launched against Iranian businessman Reza Zarrab, who is a key suspect in a major corruption and bribery investigation that has implicated some top government figures and some bureaucrats. Zarrab was detained in December 2013 as part of the investigation into corruption and bribery claims and is accused of involvement in export fraud using falsified documents and of securing Turkish citizenship for foreigners by bribing the sons of Turkish ministers.Meanwhile, Police Chief Ercan Ertekin announced his resignation from his post in the eastern province of Bingöl on Wednesday. Ertekin, who sent his resignation to the Bingöl Governor’s Office and the National Police Department, declined to make any comments about why he quit his post. “It is out of the question for me to make any comments at this point,” he said.Duzce Police Chief Ayhan Buran, who was appointed to his post on Jan. 8, also resigned from his post six days ago.Thousands of police officers have been reassigned following the graft probe that became public on Dec. 17 of last year. In addition to thousands of police officers, the government has replaced the prosecutors who initiated the probe as well as others working for public prosecutors’ offices and dozens of officials at various state institution

SOURCE: Todays Zaman