TODAY’S – Life on Capri on display at SALT BeyoIlu’s new show

Life on Capri on display at SALT BeyoIlu’s new showThe SALT BeyoIlu art space in Istanbul on Saturday unveiled its newest exhibition, a traveling selection of photos titled andldquoCapri Trendandrdquo that consists of 25 works that offer a contemporary exploration of both the cultural history and the beauty of the tiny island off Italyandrsquos Naples coast.Set to continue until Jan.

25, 2015 at SALT BeyoIluandrsquos Forum section, andldquoCapri Trendandrdquo is not a mere collection of landscapes aimed at capturing the beauty of the island but a look at life on the island through various photography techniques.Curated by Denis Curti, the exhibition features work by photographers Olivo Barbieri, Maurizio Galimberti, Francesco Jodice, Irene Kung and Ferdinando SciannaEach artist contributes to the exhibition five photos taken in Capri, the Neapolitan island that is andldquoentwined with the history of the avant-gardeandrdquo and has acted in recent history as a andldquorefuge for modern art and thought,andrdquo according to a press release about the show issued on Monday.

In the second half of the 18th century, travelers from northern Europe contributed to the artistic flourishing of Capri and the island inspired landscapes by Romantic artists attracted by the Mediterranean. In the 19th century, Capri was chosen by artists, intellectuals and writers as a cosmopolitan destination for the avant-garde and it became an essential stopover in journeys by young aristocrats throughout Europe.

The island later welcomed political and literary refugees, particularly Russian exiles running from the conflict between Russia and Japan in 1905. Later in the 20th century, Capri again became the meeting place of aristocrats, opening its doors to fashionable parties, dinners in evening dress and a range of high-society events.

Each artist in andldquoCapri Trendandrdquo reinvents the essence of the island through their personal vision. Kung focuses on the silent natural and architectural beauty of the dark Mediterranean night while Galimberti uses colored Polaroids in depicting open spaces.

Jodice focuses on colors and texture in contemporary investigations of the relationship between the island, nature and human. Barbieriandrsquos aerial shots of the island and Sciannaandrsquos social portraits tell the story of the human dimension of the island and of the life that is lived there.

Previously shown in museums and art spaces in Bermuda, Baku, Johannesburg and Mexico City, andldquoCapri Trendandrdquo is organized by Fondazione Capri, an Italian foundation established in 2009 to promote the culture of the island internationally.For further information, visit http:saltonline.

orgenhome.Photo: Francesco Jodice (2013) Photo: Olivo Barbieri (2013.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman