TODAY’S – Istanbul welcomes spring with TanpInar Literature Festival

Istanbul welcomes spring with TanpInar Literature FestivalIstanbul’s annual spring literature festival unrolls its sixth edition on Monday with the theme “City and Journey.”Running through May 11, the 2014 Istanbul TanpInar Literature Festival (ITEF) will not only display books by authors taking part in the festival but also host seminars, workshops and book-signing sessions where bookworms will have a chance to get autographed versions of their favorite books.ITEF is organized by the non-profit Kalem Cultural Association at the initiative of Kalem Copyrights Agency.Fifty-three authors from Turkey and abroad are taking part in this year’s festival, which is focusing on contemporary Polish literature on the 600th anniversary of the commencement of diplomatic ties between Turkey and Poland. Author and cinephile Andrzej Bar, who is considered to be “Poland’s Thomas Pynchon” Newsweek Poland’s publishing director Zygmunt Miloszewski novelist, poet and screenwriter Wojciech Kuczok, a remarkable name in underground literature children’s author and literary critic Joanna Olech and artist Adam Pekalski are ITEF 2014’s Polish guests for this section, put together in cooperation with the Polish Book Institute.In another section, held in cooperation with the International Festival of Authors (IFOA) based in Toronto, ITEF 2014 will present “The Family Plot,” a conversation featuring Alison Pick, who was nominated for the Man Booker Prize for her second novel, “Far to Go,” and Vincent Lam, a nominee for Canada’s prestigious Governor General’s Award for Fiction. Radio host Eleanor Watchel, a member of the IFOA delegation, will moderate.In keeping with ITEF 2014’s main theme, an evaluation of Turkish travel writing in literature, past and present, will be made during the festival. A session entitled “On the Road” will present Turkish authors Murat Belge and Sevengul Snmez, exploring the topic of travel narratives in contemporary literature. This will be followed by a session called “Road and Travel in Turkish-language Literature.”In addition, a retrospective and contemporary look at writing in Laz, Armenian and Kurdish, and current policies and practices in multilingual publishing will be discussed in cooperation with PEN Turkey.The festival will launch two brand new programs, “Literature in the Kitchen” and “ITEF Children,” from May 9-11, bringing together master chefs and food authors to discuss the rich variety of cuisines that reflect Turkey’s cultural diversity and popular children’s authors with their fans via creative reading, creative drama and drawing workshops and interactive discussions.The festival’s venues are Sismanoglio Megaro and the Istanbul Ataturk Library in BeyoIlu, kargArt in KadIky and ITEF Literature in the Kitchen and ITEF Children tents on Suadiye beach. For more information and the full festival program, see

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