TODAY’S – In Turkey, nearly 1.6 million living on less than $4.30 a day

In Turkey, nearly 16 million living on less than $4.30 a dayA total of 1,579,358 people in Turkey, or 206 percent of the population, live on less than $4.

30 a day, according to a report released by the Turkish Statistics Institute (TurkStat) on Tuesday.The report was based around figures pertaining to 2013.

The percentage of the population living under $4.30 in 2013 was a slight decline from the 227 percent in 2012.

In 2012, 006 percent of the population lived on under $2.15, which remained unchanged in 2013.

Rural dwellers were much more likely to be living in poverty than urbanites, as 064 percent of those living in urban areas lived on under $4.30 a day in 2013, compared to the 513 percent of those living in rural areas.

In addition, 002 percent of those living in cities lived on under $2.15 a day, whereas the figure was 014 percent for those living in rural areas.

Turkey is among the poorest countries in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The minimum wage is TL 891 per month, just over $400.

Throughout 2014, labor unions have repeatedly increased the margins for what they consider to be the hunger and poverty thresholds in Turkey. The year has been marked by hefty inflation rates resulting from a spike in food prices that have drastically increased overall living costs.

Figures show that things are difficult in Turkey, even for those earning significantly more than $4.30 a day.

In October, the poverty line for one single worker was set at TL 1,999.14 by the Turkish Public Workersand#39 Labor Union (Kamu Sen).

According to figures from TurkStat, the average monthly food expenditure for a family of four was TL 949.89 as of September this year, meaning that for civil servants earning the average sector wage of TL 2,185.

30, food costs absorbed 43.47 percent of monthly wages.

When rent is factored in, the two expenditures accounted for 71.4 percent of a civil servantand#39s monthly wage, leaving only TL 625 remaining for expenses such as transportation, health care, communication, education and clothing.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman