TODAY’S – Famous football player files lawsuit against ‘Jet FadIl’

Famous football player files lawsuit against ‘Jet FadIl’Former football star Tanju olak has filed a lawsuit against embattled businessman FadIl Akgunduz — popularly known as andldquoJet FadIlandrdquo — alleging that Akgunduz swindled olak out of the money he was owned on 40 timeshares that he had purchased, according to a report in the Vatan daily.olak is suing for a sum of TL 84,211 for a monthly fee he was supposedly entitled to for the months of August, September and October of 2012.

The former star athlete had a contract where the Akgunduzand#39s company, Caprice Gold YatIrIm, was to pay olak on a monthly basis for the timeshares he had purchased in the Caprice Gold Hotel in Istanbuland#39s BayrampaIa district, which was never completed.The lawsuit is the latest development in a series of troubles that Akgunduz has faced in recent years over his questionable business practices.

The controversial businessman is said to have pocketed more than TL 1 billion from timeshare buyers who had invested in the unfinished Caprice Gold Hotel. At one point, Akgunduz had billed his project as a andldquoseven-starandrdquo hotel, a ploy which earned him a fine from the Ministry of Customs and Trade for unfair competition as no such distinction exists.

In a letter to Caprice Gold timeshare buyers from earlier this year, Akgunduz wrote: andldquoDo not call us. Do not ask when we can pay you.

Wait for news from us, and find new customers so we will be able to pay you,andrdquo and claimed that last yearand#39s Gezi events and the Dec. 17 corruption probe had hurt his business.

This July it was reported that an Akgunduz project in the Maldives had been canceled after the tycoon allegedly fleeced investors out of $170 million. The Caprice Gold Maldives project, located in the tiny, predominantly Muslim island nation, was aertised with the catchphrase andldquoThe special island for Muslims.

andrdquoLast month, news outlets reported that Akgunduz had andldquodisappeared,andrdquo further stoking the frustration of the thousands of people that claim they have been hoodwinked by the controversial businessman. Solidarity groups have assembled outside the unfinished Istanbul hotel to protest against Akgunduz and raise awareness so he will not be able to fleece more investors.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman