TODAY’S – Discretionary fund usage in Feb skyrockets, hits TL 214 mln

Discretionary fund usage in Feb skyrockets, hits TL 214 mlnThe Prime Ministry spent TL 214 million from its discretionary fund last month, a 637 percent increase from the TL 28.9 million that was spent last February, recent budget figures from the Ministry of Finance have revealed.

The discretionary fund is a special allocation for the use of the prime minister to finance covert operations in which the state may not be directly involved. According to the law, it is a crime to reveal how money from the discretionary fund is spent, and the prime ministerand#39s office is able to file a criminal complaint against anyone who makes the nature of this spending public.

The law stipulates that it should be spent for national security and the countryand#39s political, social and cultural interests.During Prime Minister Ahmet DavutoIluand#39s six-month tenure in office, TL 661.

7 million was spent from the discretionary fund. Former Prime Minister Recep Tayyip ErdoIan used TL 737 million from the same fund in 2014, where just over TL 1 billion was spent in total.

ErdoIan spent TL 7093 billion in total from the fund during his 11-year-long tenure as prime ministerErdoIanand#39s use of the discretionary fund was also at the center of debates in the past. The main opposition Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP) previously claimed that ErdoIan made expenditures from the fund that amounted to 20.

5 times that of the previous three prime ministers.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman