TODAY’S – Demba Ba: Those who say I’m ‘injured’ should watch my matches

Demba Ba: Those who say I’m ‘injured’ should watch my matchesBeIiktaI’s Senegal forward Demba Ba says people in the football world have treated him very well in Turkey. The 29-year-old striker, who moved to the BeIiktaI team from Chelsea, has made statements regarding the whole transfer process as well as the “chronic injury” comments some have made about him This talented Senegalese has also talked about how meaningful it is for him to play in a Muslim country.

Ba, acquired by BeIiktaI from Chelsea for 6 million euros, put the final note on rampant speculation about whether he has serious health problems involving his knees and cartilage.The French-born goal machine noted that those who have doubts should watch the matches in which he has played over the last four seasons.

At the BeIiktaI training camp held in Leeds, Ba made his mark on the field, playing hard and making lots of goals. This new BeIiktaI player also appeared in the afternoon before the press, telling press members that he had felt very well received in Istanbul, noting: “I spoke with club officials.

I met with Ahmet Nur Cebi, and the truth is, everyone’s interest and care really has made the whole process very easy.”Ba also talked about relations with his new teammates, noting: “There are so many who speak German.

I know German as well, and so this helps me. Right now, it seems everything is going very well.

”Turkey is a Muslim country, this is an aantage for meBa, who has kept the fast during the month of Ramadan, talked about the aantages he felt in coming to play in a Muslim country such as Turkey: “I am definitely going to get to know Istanbul. In the religion of Islam, what you do stays inside the four walls of your home.

”Ba also talked with pleasure about the praise he has received from fellow African players in Turkey, such as the Ivory Coast’s Didier Drogba, who recently left Galatasaray, and Musa Sow, who plays for Fenerbahe. He said: “Musa and I are friends, though of course we are rivals on the pitch.

My real goal is to help my team”Ba has asserted that he will most likely battle with strikers Mustafa Pektemek as well as Cenk Tosun and mer IiImanoIlu to carry BeIiktaI’s on-the-field performance to new levels this coming season. BeIiktaI’s Croatian coach Slaven Bilic, speaking about Ba, said: “I am aware that this group [team] is special I really love them They are by far Turkey’s best players at this point.

”Orman: Acquiring a ‘No. 10’ is of utmost importanceIn the meantime, BeIiktaI Chairman Fikret Orman has said his team is experiencing weakness when it comes to the “number 10” position.

Orman, who has said this transfer will happen as soon as the conditions are right, has pointed to increased costs and blocked talks, refusing to give a possible name when it comes to the coming transferSpeaking with reporters at the team’s training camp in England, Orman said the club’s greatest error yet has been to wait 10 years too long for renovations to its historic stadium The chairman noted that when the Vodafone Arena is completed, the budget for the team will rise to TL 500-599 million. He talked about the contributions made by Turkish Football Federation (TFF) President YIldIrIm Demirren towards the process, saying: “He made important contributions to the construction.

He got all the necessary permissions from the prime minister”He also touched on the issue of sponsorship, noting, “There is no empty space left on our uniforms, and this is all the result of our efforts.”Orman talked about how success that comes by chance can also disappear overnight, saying: “If we really want to say we are a ‘great club,’ we definitely need that third star If you put together a big club, you will stay at the top for a long time.

This is why our stadium needs to be completed..

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman