TODAY’S – Clean produce exported while pesticides riddle local fruits, veggies

Clean produce exported while pesticides riddle local fruits, veggiesClean produce is being exported abroad while domestically consumed fruits and vegetables are tainted with pesticide remnants, according to a recent report prepared by an agricultural research group from the Antalya City Council. andldquoAccording to an expert from the Antalya Regional Control Laboratory, analyses on exported produce show that most of it contains zero remnants of pesticides, since it is usually produced and transported in modern settings with a higher level of scrutiny.

Products sold on the domestic market, however, were found to show significant levels of pesticide residue,andrdquo read the report.Local neighborhood markets are particularly lacking proper control measures when it comes to preventing the sale of pesticide-ridden produce, according the report, which asserted that producers fail to take appropriate precautions before putting their products on the market.

It recommended that municipalities assign personnel to inspect local markets for the presence of pesticide-contaminated produce and to conduct analyses on such produce.Earlier in the year, it was reported that several tons of green peppers shipped from Antalya to Germany were discarded due to pesticide contamination, indicating that Turkey has had recent problems regarding pesticide residue with its outgoing produce shipments.

The agricultural industry has faced a host of problems this year, particularly due to diminished yields and inflated prices resulting from an extended period of drought that began at the end of last year.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman