TODAY’S – Cengiz confirms cursing in leaked recording

Cengiz confirms cursing in leaked recordingMehmet Cengiz, chairman of Cengiz Holding, confirmed that he used vulgar language in reference to Turkey while speaking with another businessman during a wiretapped telephone conversation leaked as part of a major corruption and bribery investigations that went public on Dec. 17 and 25 of last yearAccording to the most recent column written by economy writer Vahap Munyar, who conducted an interview with Cengiz on Friday, Cengiz neither denied the sound recordings nor labeled them andquotmontageandquot (i.

e, doctored). Instead, he said he was referring to his competitors when he said the word andquotnation.

andquotUnderlining that he is not andquotfoolishandquot and that he would not curse the nation while conducting business with 30,000 employees all around the country, Cengiz confirmed that he andquotunfortunatelyandquot uses swear words andquotvery often.andquotCengiz maintained that he has doubts about whether the voice heard in the sound recordings belongs to him and about whether the conversation was andquotcopiedandquot from another recording, in which he used cusswords while talking about a Cengiz Holding facility in Libya that resulted in the plundering of $87 million worth of construction equipment.

Stating that his and his business groupand#39s images have been tarnished by news reports about the leaked conversations, Cengiz added that he is now speaks more andquotcarefullyandquot than before.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman