TODAY’S – Bus companies to raise ticket prices

Bus companies to raise ticket pricesMajor bus companies in Turkey have recently announced that they will raise ticket prices, particularly due to increased demand expected during the approaching Eid al-Fitr holiday, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan.Most firms plan to raise ticket prices by TL 5-10, while others intend to raise the prices on certain routes by as much as TL 30.

The Aksu Turizm bus company intends to raise one-way tickets from Istanbul to KahramanmaraI from TL 50 to TL 80 beginning on July 18.Istanbul Seyahat has clarified that it plans on increasing Istanbul-Izmir ticket prices from TL 54 to TL 63 as of July 23.

The company also plans to raise the price of tickets from Istanbul to the Black Sea city of Trabzon from TL 76.50 to TL 90.

Metro Turizm will increase prices from Istanbul to Bitlis from TL 100 to TL 130 on July 18, while the company is upping the cost of a one-way ticket from Istanbul to Sivas from TL 76 to TL 90. Travelers in Turkey generally travel by bus when visiting family during the Ramadan holiday, although increases on certain routes have exceeded the price of plane tickets.

“They shouldn’t make excuses about fuel costs or bus station exit fees. This much of an increase is completely unfair,” said passenger Ramazan Rahmi zelik, who told Today’s Zaman that he ended up buying a plane ticket from Istanbul to Trabzon since the prices were similar“I don’t understand why people stay quiet when the companies raise prices on a whim The companies are blatantly extorting their customers,” said passenger Ienol zarhan.

Last year, news outlets reported that bus companies raised prices by 30 percent during Eid al-Fitr, although industry representatives claimed that the increases were not excessive, as companies normally cut prices throughout the year in order to compete with train and plane ticket fares. The Eid al-Fitr rush will see millions of people filling buses and planes while traveling to visit their families in other parts of the country.

The Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train line is expected to open on July 25, just three days prior to the beginning of Eid al-Fitr The high speed route, which has been plagued by delays brought on by vandalism and construction site accidents, will cost TL 70-80 for a one-way ticket, a price which is generally higher than bus tickets but cheaper than plane tickets. The 533-kilometer journey between Turkey’s largest city and its capital is expected to take three and a half hours on the high-speed route.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman