TODAY’S – Akbank Art Center home to ‘Percussive Hunter’

Akbank Art Center home to ‘Percussive Hunter’The Akbank Art Center in Istanbul is currently hosting a group exhibition with a curious title.andldquoPercussive Hunter,andrdquo which opened on March 11 at the Taksim-based center, is a selection put together by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk, the 2014 winner of the centerand#39s International Curator Contest, aimed at young curators working in the field of contemporary art.

The Dutch curatorand#39s selection aims to andldquoinvestigate the varying natures of the material world.andrdquoThis exhibition is andldquodedicated to the examination of processes of mattering and sonic resonance contained by — and inherent to — material substances,andrdquo Lekkerkerk, 27, explains in his preface to the andldquoPercussive Hunterandrdquo catalogue.

andldquoThe title is derived from a certain type of animal that sources its nutrition by means of scanning and tapping surfaces — here one could think of the woodpecker and the aye-aye. The exhibition andhellip seeks for undercurrents, both material and immaterial, audible and inaudible andhellip that allow artists to reinvent fundamental metaphors and models for relating to our present day reality — beyond surface effects and towards a deeper understanding of how matter functions and resonates within the different natures of the material world,andrdquo he explains.

Set to continue until May 16, andldquoPercussive Hunterandrdquo features work by 14 international artists, including one from Turkey. For further information about the curator and the exhibition, see http:theofficeforcurating.


SOURCE: Today’s Zaman