TODAY’S – 9 teenagers among 123 killed in work accidents

9 teenagers among 123 killed in work accidentsOne hundred twenty-three workers, including nine child laborers, were killed by jobsite accidents in Turkey during the month of July, according to figures from the Istanbul Council for Workersand#39 Health and Work Safety (ISIG) released on Tuesday.The highest number of work-related deaths occurred in the agricultural and forestry sectors, in which 42 people died on the job last month.

Twenty-four construction workers and nine metalworkers also died in July, and deaths occurred in a number of other sectors. Istanbul and Duzce were the cities with the most deaths, with 10 workers dying in each city last month.

The most common incidents included traffic accidents, being crushed and falling from high places. Including the tragic Soma mine disaster which killed 301 workers May, 678 laborers have lost their lives on the job in the last three months.

A total of 141 workers died in work-related accidents in June, and 1,101workers have been killed in such accidents thus far in 2014.Among those killed included nine teenagers between the ages of 13-17 and16 women as well as three Syrian immigrants, all of whom were seasonal agricultural laborers.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman