TODAY’S – 81 pct of Turkish teachers have credit card debt

81 pct of Turkish teachers have credit card debtA report based on interviews with teachers conducted by the Education Employees Union (EIitim-II) has revealed that the majority of teachers have some form of debtThe study, delivered by the union to the administration of the Republican Peopleand#39s Party (CHP), indicates that 79 percent of the teachers interviewed have debt owing to separate banks. The report said 81 percent of teachers have credit card debt, and 48 percent owe more than TL 20,000.

Also according to the report, 41 percent of the teachers are indebted to tradesmen, 51 percent with a debt of less than TL 5,000, while 21 percent owe between TL 5-10,000. In addition the study shows that 39 percent of the teachers interviewed have a loan from an individual, with 50 percent owing less than TL 5,000 and 26 percent with a debt of between TL 5-10,000.

Veli Demir, the chairman of EIitim-II, pointing to the salary earned by teachers under the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government, said in a statement to the Bugun daily: andldquoAll workers have suffered under the governance of the AK Party, but the most suppressed and financially distressed are the teachers. The minister [of education] says that teachers have bought cars and houses.

They have bought them with high-interest rate bank loans. Now nearly all the teachers have credit card debt.

andrdquoHe also criticized the policies of the Education Ministry, saying, andldquoThe opposition unions are highly oppressed and school principals do not let unions that are not pro-government into their schools.andrdquo.

SOURCE: Today’s Zaman